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Margaret ZhangMargaret Zhang

Just as fall and winter clothes came in stores recently it’s slowly symbolizing that summer is getting to its end. So: for another shopping inspiration source to go, I uploaded some of my left overs from the last fashion month right here.
I will never understand why we are in such a hurry. Even though I like the thought of cuddling myself into cosy knits and drinking a hot chocolate, I try to avoid stores in order not to make me feel frustrated by the imagination of needing thick jumpers so I don’t have to freeze, especially when it’s thirty degrees outside.

other trips to Paris and this time, and for the first time, London are planned and I am as excited as always. I must say that after these several times that I ran around to shoot street styles, I still get excited just by thinking of going to be in this fashion crowd again. So few weeks to go and I will get you the newest trends and looks up here. Can’t wait !

Gilda AmbrosioGilda Ambrosio
Linda TolLinda Tol

chloé detailsunknown

Chriselle Lim.jpgChriselle Lim

Sofia TesmenitskayaSofia Tesmenitskaya

beige outfitunknown
Alina GelzinaAlina Gelzina

Soraya BakhtiarSoraya Bakhtiar


Summer desires collage 1

You know how it is with the things you are dreaming of to possess, with time new things will be added to the list and as I am constantly looking for new things to inspire me in the fashion sector I had to update my blog on these kind of pieces.
There are two, three designers that hit on me real hard for the last couple of months/seasons. One of them is Jonathan Anderson from Loewe (and his own label J.W. Anderson). Initially this deep love started with the puzzle bag, the bag I am saving money for, which is featured in my collage up here as well. As I already put down in words in my most recent street style article; I start recognising brands by a certain piece from a collection, which catches my eye and further on I have a closer approach and probably an indulgence to whatever this brand creates. It happened to me with Loewe as well as with Rosie Assoulin. Let me introduce you to the pieces and which brands they are from in order to enlighten you. This beautiful jumpsuit with its cut outs is by the young American designer Rosie Assoulin. Directly from Loewe’s ateliers come the puzzle handbag and the sunglasses which both hit the street style folk in several occasions.
The jewellery pieces come from London from a brand so called Alighieri jewellery.
And last but not least a pair of slippers which is veryvery high on my wish list. From nowhere else than Gucci. Even if Gucci’s extravagant collections aren’t my style at all, Alessandro Michele fascinated me, just as he did with the whole fashion world. As these slippers are just about to be the minimal version of his designs I am in love with them.

You can shop the pieces here (click on the name):
-Rosie Assoulin jumpsuit
-Loewe puzzle bag

-Gucci slippers
-Loewe sunglasses
-Alighieri necklace
-Alighieri earrings

picture credits: centre picture via interview mag. shot by Mikael Jansson ,
objects via,,,

collage by me

French Chic

LV 5


Why did I call this post ‘French Chic’? I am definitely not French. My temperament is Italian for sure, and my French got utterly bad after having finished school and with that; French lessons. Still, I admire the effortless chicness these French women have. And whilst styling this outfit I could recognise a certain classic touch going with it. I share the same motto, namely keeping it simple and not taking too many risks. You are never wrong with a pair of jeans and a button down shirt and matched with some great accessories you have achieved what we call the Parisian look.
By the way, just until now while I am writing these words, I have not recognised that the accessories are all by French houses, coincidence?



LV 2

lv details

Shop the look (click on the name) :

– Topshop jeans
– Louis Vuitton bag
– Céline sunglasses
– white button down (similar)
– black sandals (similar)
– vintage Chopard foulard 

pictures by my dear brother and by yours truly


bluetop jeans

As you might know from my instagram (@laurajanethc ) I have spent few weeks in Oxford for educational reasons. I was astonished by the beauty and architecture of the different colleges and buildings. A city with lots of history and obviously, smart people. Nonetheless I can’t be in a foreign city without shopping in stores which are not available in Zurich.
My look happens to be a whole topshop look, except the white skinny trousers (I swear it’s not a sponsored article but I just couldn’t help myself in the store) from the shoes to this supercute tassel top, which I adore, they perfectly dressed me up for summer.
Already last season my love towards tassels could be seen in accessories like necklaces and bracelets and I still can’t get enough of them (article HERE). By being a common street style trend they keep reappearing this summer as well.
I put on two options: one with boyfriend jeans and one with white skinny pants.
The jeans option demonstrates a more laid back look whereas combined with white pants the look achieves a certain delicateness.

lightbluetop backbluetop

bluetop details
topshop shoes

Shop the look (click on the name for the direct link) :

– pointed topshop flats
– light blue tassel top
– golden fine necklace (also available at topshop)
– mid rise jeans
– white skinny trousers

photos all taken by me

affordable safari inspired look

collage safari 2.jpg

A look that has always been a favorite of mine. As I spent a lot of time playing football or adventurous games with boys in my childhood, my favorite movie character wasn’t the typical girly, pink stereotype. I prefered pretending to run around as Lara Croft or Kim Possible and save the world. This meant that camouflage and rather green and brown tones were exactly my thing. It hasn’t really changed much, only that I like it to be more sophisticated and clean. With the years the perspective towards dressing changed and my point of view turned into a more serious kind of approach to fashion. Which doesn’t mean I don’t like to experiment with new things and wear dreary looks but let’s say I moved away from looking like a an action figure in order to make me feel courageous.
Inspired by safari clothing, and probably Yves Saint Laurent’s very first safari jacket, I created a look which is meant to be a budget version of a special favorite of mine – the safari look .
Especially the light wrap dress from seemed perfect to me to stay fresh during warmer summer days which we are (hopefully) facing soon.
It can be combined with the silk scarfes either as a tie neck scarf or tied around the bag.
To emphasize the feminine side of the outfit I added some sleek accessories.

Shop the look (click on the name):

– Bonprix wrap dress
– Mango leather bag
– & other stories silk scarf
– Mango sunglasses
– & other stories bracelet
– Zara shoes

pictures via:,,,



slip dress
If you asked me if I believe in love at first sight you would get a clear ‘no’. However when it comes to clothes it has happened to me once or twice (I’m referring to the lower price section, because if I included the high fashion pieces it would have been countless times). So I deeply fell in love with this slip dress from Zara. The colour and sparkles reminded me of the dress Rihanna wore to the CFDA awards in 2014, which I was blown away by – even though this one fortunately is not as revealing as her’s.
Slip dresses found their function in casual wear as well by being worn with a tshirt (preferably white) underneath. A common and supercool trend worn by our Italian girls Gilda Ambrosio, Diletta Bonaiuti and celebs like Kendall Jenner -> HERE .
I’m wearing it without shirt to get the Great Gatsby effect. It’s the option I would pick for a night out in a sophisticated location. Pale pink goes well along with earth and cream tones, that’s why I combined them with my camel lace ups.

slip dress 2
slip dress 3
slip dress 4
slip dress back
Click below on the name to shop the pieces:

Zara slip dress
sweet option- Aquazurra heels

pictures by my dear brother and by myself

the importance of street style

Pernille Céline

Pernille Teisbaek

The question that recently came to my mind in terms of street style photography is, how do these pictures help the industry? The shots are clearly great if you are seeking for inspiration. My blog for example has this purpose, you can get ideas from platforms like mine in order to steer your wardrobe into a certain kind of direction you would like to own.
But how does it help brands to sell their collections?
Obviously the clothes are the ones from the current season, the ones that were presented half a year or one year ago. So does it commercially make sense to take these pictures as a kind of “last minute advertising”? I’m saying Last minute because the clothes are almost out of the stores to make space for the spring collections. So if the clothes are almost out of season, how are these images supposed to sell fashion?
My conclusion is that not the clothes – I’m not including the accessories because some of them last more than one season – are being merchandised but the brand itself. People start to notice a certain kind of piece or style through street style personalities and get to know the brand. With social media that accompanies us every day, an outfit goes viral and suddenly we have the breakthrough of a certain bag, a pair of jeans (obviously talking about vetements) or a pair of sunglasses and everyone follows the brand’s newest creations.
The fact is, street style has become one of the most important sectors in fashion and I wouldn’t wonder if designers started to adjust their designs, to make them suitable for fashion week looks – even though they would never admit that.
Having told you my ever so serious thoughts about my passion, I couldn’t have done a post like this one without adding some of my shots.

Leaf Greener

Leaf Greener

Jessie Bush

Jessie Bush

unknown blonde


ruby aldridge
Ruby Aldridge

Noomi Rapace
actress Noomi Rapace

Ada Kokosar

Ada Kokosar

Nicole Warne
Nicole Warne

Alix Angjeli

Alix Angjeli

all pictures shot by me, if you’re considering using my pictures please contact me HERE


desires 2


I’m slowly preparing you for the warm days ahead. In this edit of mine there are pretty much all of my current favorite fashion statement pieces. Starting with the bow mules by Charlotte Olympia which I couldn’t get out of my mind ever since I saw them on Lena Lademann at Paris Fashionweek:

Lena Lademann thcLena Lademann captured by me

As you know I like looks to be clean. It gives me a certain kind of satisfaction. Intricate patterns rarely make it to my wardrobe or blog. To give this look a little twist yet I added a summery tie neck scarf with a whole lot of pattern. Can you feel the sea breeze yet?

Shop the pieces (click on the name):
Charlotte Olympia mules
Ellery off the shoulder top
Dolce & Gabbana silk scarf
Loewe clutch
& other stories earrings
Proenza Schouler plissé pants

collage by me
picture credits: mules, pants, top, scarf via / middle picture via Salvatore Ferragamo / earrings via


wide sleeves obsession

wide sleeves
Have you noticed that small deviations from the average, basic clothing piece have the power to open up a whole new perspective?
At the moment it is the wide sleeve that makes a statement through the whole world of fashion. Ellery (THE Australian brand at the moment!) for example is celebrating the triumph by having created one of the best executions which are about to be worn on superimportant and prestigious blogger accounts.
The first time I was hit by the love for these sleeves happened to be while browsing through the Derek Lam spring 2016 collection. I immediately passed on the order to my mum, who is a tailor, to recreate the blouse of my dreams. (the blouse from THIS look)
It is still one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, which meant I had to go chace other bell-shaped cuties. I’m wearing the lower budget version by Zara, which in my opinion achieves a similar effect as one from the high fashion runways.

Zara blouse
Levi’s jeans
Massimo Dutti mules (sweet option)
Céline sunglasses
& other stories earrings

schuehdetail ed

sleeve details

wide sleeves back

all pictures by
The Hidden Closets, shot by Dario G.

Milan Fashion Week Street Style 2

celine aagaard thy

Celine Aagard wearing: Céline glasses, Gucci bag, Replay sweater

With Paris fashion week coming right after Milan there was not much time left to post the second part of the looks I caught in the Italian fashion metropole. Even if I have been in Milan for a thousand of times, as I am Italian as well, I never took the opportunity to get an insight of fashion week there. I loved every second of this marathon and must say that Milan packs a punch just as Paris. On the top you can see my personal favorite shot from all the pictures I took within these two fashion weeks. I think it was simply the moment and Celine’s look combined with the whole urban scenery that created this atmosphere I am enthusiastic about.

Yoyo thc

Yoyo Cao

Alina Gelzina thc
Alina Gelzina wearing: Ksenia Schnaider jeans, Balenciaga boots, House of Holland jacket

details fendi gucci thc
details: Fendi bag, Gucci shoes

Linda Tol thc
Linda Tol wearing: Chanel bag, Max Mara suit

Candela Novembre 2 thc
Candela Novembre wearing: Loewe pants, The Volon bag

Patricia Manfield 2 thc
Patricia Manfield wearing: Vetements sweater, Diesel black gold pants, ray ban sunnies

Giorgia Tordini thc
Giorgia Tordini wearing: Joseph Fashion coat

shea caro thc
Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie

Paris Fashionweek Street Style 2

Maragareth Zhang thc
Margaret Zhang

From the coolest fahion couple, mother and daughter looks, to models and to some more fashion blogger ouffits, here is the second load of pictures I took in Paris.

Justin & Veronika thc
Justin O’Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner

Hedvig Sagfjord opshaug thc
Hedvig Sagfjord Opshaug with her little Hedda

Caroline Brasch thc
Caroline Brasch

Camille Charrière 2 thc

Camille Charrière

Annie Georgia Greenberg thc
Annie Georgia Greenberg

YoYo Kulala thc
Yoyo Cao

Charlotte Fashionguitar 1 thc

Charlotte Groeneveld

picture credits reserved to The Hidden Closets


Paris Fashionweek Street Style

Olovia palermo 1 thc
Olivia Palermo

From Milan to Paris. I must say that the scenery is incomparable to anywhere else. Paris still remains the most beautiful place for the fashion shows outside the fashion shows. I shot some great looks exclusively for my dear readers. There are still so many outfits to post from Milan and of course now from Paris as well and I seriously have no idea where to start. As I didn’t want to wait too long to post the pictures I let you have a sneak peak on instagram already on which I post daily. In case you haven’t found the way to my account yet here it is : @laurajanethc . I will keep posting on all the social networks and of course on here as well.
So do you already have a favorite look ?
xx Laura Jane

Joan Smalls thc
Joan Smalls

Aimee Song thc
Aimee Song
Pernille thc
Pernille Teisbaek

Gilda Ambrosio thc
Gilda Ambrosio

K B thc
Kristina Bazan

Picture credits reserved to The Hidden Closets
all images taken by Laura Jane

Models Off Duty Milan FW16

Lineisy monteroLineisy Montero after Etro

They are called the faces of fashion. The muses who represent the big fashion houses. Not only there is a huge request for fashion shows and campaigns but also on the streets in front of the shows, street style photographers fight against each other to get the perfect shot of the model off duty look. Their delicate faces are the easiest to capture and by working with only the very best ones in the fashion industry they surely know how to get styled themselves for the perfect after show appearance. Here are some of my model shots from Milan.

Alana Zimmer
Alana Zimmer after Bottega Veneta

Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov

Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov after Etro

Ana Cristina
Ana Cristina after Bottega Veneta

Camille Hurel
Camille Hurel after Bottega Veneta

Edie Campbell
Edie Campbell after Fendi

Maartje Verhoef 1
Maartje Verhoef after Fendi

Maartje Verhoef 2
Maartje Verhoef after Fendi

Yumi Lambert
Yumi Lambert after Costume National

Ruby Aldridge

Ruby Aldridge after Bottega Veneta

Lexi Boling
Lexi Boling after Etro

Irina Kravchenko
Irina Kravchenko after Marni

All pictures by Laura Jane / The Hidden Closets

Milan Fashion Week Street Style 1

gucci shoes
First of all I’d like to apologise for not having posted in a long time. If you have followed my instagram you saw that I spent some time in Thailand. I took this time off to fully enjoy summer for the short time I had there. After arriving to Zurich yesterday early in the morning I repacked my luggage and went straight away to Milan, where fashion week was in full swing. Here are some of my shots I took today. Many more are about to be published . It’s the first time I am doing Milan and if you think that I am missing out on Paris this time then you are wide off the mark! Enjoy !

Candela NovembreCandela Novembre
pernille THDCPernille Teisbaek
Patricia Manfield THDCPatricia Manfield

Pictures by The Hidden Closets / Laura Jane
top picture – Gucci shoes

‘The Hidden Closets’ turns 1 !

THD Birthday 1
It’s my baby’s birthday! Exactly one year ago I posted my first article on here. It was about Jason Wu’s fall 15 collection which I was blown away by. Maybe it was coincidence that this happened on Valentine’s day, maybe not. But the amusing thing about that is that I created something I put my heart and soul into, something I love! Even though Valentine’s day celebrates the love between two people, from now on it will always be the day I created something I am extremly proud of. Looking back to that day I had no idea what my main aim was, I simply wanted to have a place where I could tell someone about my thoughts regarding fashion. Now it turned into a platform where I share my street style shots I take at fashion weeks, personal style captures and reports about everything that goes through my mind. I’m working on improving myself every day, in photography as well as in my personal style. A friend once told me that she scrolled through my blog and the newer the posts were, the better they got. Well these are the feedbacks that make me genuinely happy. When you see that the hard work together with passion, are paying off.
Also before I brought ‘The Hidden Closets’ to life, I was at a certain point where I had no idea what I wanted to do or who I wanted to become. I think the whole year was rather turbulent and full of new outcomes that helped me a lot to get through this process (not that I’m fully done yet, because I personally think that it takes a life time). And I’m going to be completely honest with you this time: It was the best way to heal a broken heart. Unfortunately nobody has ever found a medicine against this kind of (horrendous) sorrow (: but the best thing you can do is to find something for yourself only that brings you joy.
So for this occasion I wanted to make this post as personal as possible which meant that it had to be a new look of mine. I recently fell in love with this high waist pencil skirt I paired with a cosy woolen knit. Even if the whole outfit is very simple and clean it doesn’t need some extra accessories, and if you still feel like wearing some here is an option with a foulard wrapped around the wrist. A common street style trend as seen on Leandra Medine (Man Repeller) for example.
Anyway I wanted to thank you for taking the time and reading my articles throughout the whole year (If you did so)!
Stay updated for some street style shots this month as it is fashion month again! I will be hitting the roads very very soon and I am super excited!
Love, Laura Jane

THC Birthday 2
closeup bday thc.jpg
THC birthday 3
Shop the look:
Skirt from Mango (HERE)
Knit from Benetton (similar HERE)
Boots from River Island (similar Here)
Foulard from Chopard (similar HERE)

Mode Suisse Edition 9

modesuisse header.jpgNatalja Neumeister for Huber Egloff

Yesterday night the 9th edition of mode suisse was held in Zurich. Swiss designers presented their collections in front of people from the Swiss fashion scene. From women’s, men’s and lingerie collections, nothing was missing.
My favorite women’s collection was by far Claudia Zuber. I loved the clean lines of her clothing line and the monochrome fabrics she used. I would say it matched my style the most. Nevertheless I have to say that I was impressed by Iahai’s collection as well and the idea behind every single look. Especially the meshed fabrics pulled over dresses and tops seem to be the trade mark of the brand, as seen on previous collections.
It was my first fashion show of the year and I’m already overwhelmed by amazing designs. It’s great to see what the own country has to offer regarding fashion and even if in the past Switzerland wasn’t the fashion country at all, we are slowly catching up.

laurii modesuisse.jpgLaura Stierli for Claudia Zuberluisa laemmel modeuisseLuisa Laemmel for Iahai
Manuela Frey Mode SuisseManuela Frey for Iahailaurin krausz mode suisseLaurin Krausz for Adrian Rebervivienne rohner mode suisseVivienne Rohner for Claudia Zuber

pictures by me


stripes 1.jpg

The last few days of sales here in Zurich and fortunately I found this cute striped dress last minute. What I love the most about it are the wide long sleeves. Sleeves that go over the hand are the thing right now which you can also see on the runways a lot and I’m sure that it will be a big thing in a couple of the following fall/winter 16 shows. So keep your eyes open for that. I combined it with my Stan Smith sneakers to keep the look effortlessly sporty and simple for every day.
I recommend you to go check out the last few left overs in the shops, you will find pieces you haven’t seen before – just like me in this case.

stripes 2.jpg

stripes 3
stripes details
stripes 4

Dress from Mango (Here)
Stan Smith Sneakers (Here)
Bag from Mango (similar Here)


desires collage..jpg

Sometimes all it takes is a picture to inspire me. This time it was a photograph taken by Jan Lehner for Interview Magazine Germany with the model Lorelle Rayner. Well it was more the whole editorial that sent me into a state of ecstasy. A complete Edun look styled by Isabelle Kountoure.

The pieces I chose around are (click below):
Yves Saint Laurent boots 
Loewe pants
Edun coat
Acne shirt
Chloé bag

February is going to be an exciting month for me and you will see why very soon. A few trips and events are coming up and I can’t wait to write about them. Well as it isn’t a secret that fashion month is around the corner you could guess what I am doing again, but be sure that it won’t be the only thing. I received my very first fashion show invitation and also I am just really looking forward to feel the sand under my feet again and get a little bit of colour on my face. Enough said. Things will be revealed soon…
Love, Laura Jane

pictures via ,,

City Stroll

seefeld 4

The thing is that lately I’ve been obsessed with two bloggers, the two I adore: Camille Charrière (whose looks I love so much that I dedicated a whole post to her HERE ) & Pernille Teisbaek. So it happened a few times whilst going shopping that when I wasn’t sure about a piece, I would ask myself if Pernille would wear it or if it would match Camille’s wardrobe. Pretty stupid if you asked me. I mean even if it’s great to find your fashion icons and try to recreate their looks you still have to find your personal style. But these two make it really hard not to copy paste.
So what I’m trying to say is that the things I am wearing are firmly inspired by these two.
Let me clarify: The Zara fake leather top I bought is the best example. I thought, wow this is so much Camille’s style and exactly what I would love and a few days later I found a picture of her wearing something elusively similar (without having seen the image before!)
In my opinion that’s what makes an artist in general. Creating a whole new perspective and approach, that nobody else would have thought of and then introducing it to the world.
Regarding fashion, people then start to notice and aren’t afraid of trying it themselves anymore.
What it takes in the first place is courage, and that will be my resolution not only for the year but if possible for the rest of my life.

seefeld 2details shirtseefeldlevis look seefeldjump
Im wearing:
Levi’s Jeans
River Island Boots, similar
Faux Leather Top, similar
Zara Turtleneck

Photos by Mara Loretz

The Classics

the classics.jpg
I believe that every woman dreams of a certain kind of closet in her home. Now I don’t mean this dream closets you can see in movies or inspiration images on tumblr but more the ones that are able to tell stories. The stories you have collected throughout the years.
If I’m overgeneralizing by saying all women do at least let me tell you that I do so. I’m dreaming of a wardrobe with classic pieces in it and some more to style the looks. So I asked myself which pieces are “the classics”? I’ve always known that once in the near future I’m going to be in possession of a Burberry trench coat. A timeless clothing piece that will be an investment for a lifetime. So I was looking for items that would fulfil this purpose.

Just like Levi’s jeans (that in my opinion are classics as well but not as much luxury classics as the ones up here) were invented for a reason, namely for miners that needed a robust material for work, Burberry’s trenchcoat found its function during the first world war. Mr. Burberry invented the trenchcoat for the soldiers to protect them from cold and rainy weather in the trenches. Having an AHA moment? TRENCH coat, hm?
So this piece made all the way into fashion and still remained a practical and luxurious goody.

Whilst some had a function others simply inspired by their characteristic beauty. I’m especially referring to the Chanel bag and Chanel pearl necklace. As Gabrielle Chanel has left quite a few signatures like the camellias, pearls, the double c and so on. The classic black flap bag and the pearl necklace are some of these timeless pieces I am talking about.

I tried to think about all kinds of clothing pieces and when I was thinking about shoes, for me the classics would be Tod’s. I’m sure there are no other shoes that were copied more than Tod’s moccasins. One pair will find the way to my wardrobe one day as well.

Speaking about leather, the belt has to be Hermés and nothing else. There is absolutely no point to discuss it. I’m not wearing belts because in my opinion there is no belt that would give me this satisfaction a Hermés belt would.

Now regarding Ray Ban’s aviator sunglasses, I would say that if you are looking for sunglasses to wear at any opportunity and not a nice pair that is in fashion only that season, this is the perfect choice. Any pair of aviators, not only the one I picked for the picture. I’d say the classiest of the classics is the golden pair with dark glasses but I picked this one because it appealed to me the most.

Last but not least, a Rolex watch. Now the value of this jewellery piece is totally different to any other item I listed. This watch is something you will keep forever and then pass on to your children.

I’m sure there are some more classics that I forgot to mention, but these will be in my mind until I have the honour to be in possession of them.

collage & text by me.
pictures via,,,,,,

the season’s it-bag

After overanalyzing all the street style pictures it seems pretty clear who is more present than any other bag. Congratulation Loewe! The puzzle bag is our Nr. 1.
Sporty but elegant at the same time and kind of mysterious with her geometric puzzle pieces. You can’t get away without gazing for a while.
Bloggers, models, editors everyone gets caught carrying around one. Don’t believe me ? Look at the pictures yourself then !

tommyton.comAymeline Valade by

Maartje Verhoef by
Collage loewe.png
left Camille Charrière (via
top right Anna dello Russo (via
bottom right Irina Lakicevic (via

Headpicture by The Hidden Closets


new years bash

new yesars eve

2015.. An interesting year for me and surely for everyone.
I started this blog earlier this year and had no idea what to expect from it. It was simply a way to write down my thoughts about fashion and I’m not going to lie about it, also to get away from the negativity I was stuck in. Let’s just say that the end of 2014 wasn’t really a glorious time for me. But as soon as I started I got utterly into it and nothing couldn’t stop me. Three weeks after I found myself in Paris shooting the very best street styles of the people I’ve been following for years. The best thing was probably my meeting with Faces Magazine and their interest in my pictures, which pushed me even more to accomplish new goals and trying to get better and better. I’m still working on it and I can see the long way in front of me.
Another big highlight were the ten minutes I spent at the Jeu de Paume. My first proper fashion show I was able to visit, Emanuel Ungaro.
Something I’ve always wanted to experience and a wish that finally came true.
Even if it’s not the most successful blog with thousands of readers it made me want to achieve my dreams and sometimes that is all you need to get where you want to be.
Towards the end, speaking of the last couple of weeks, I lost a bit of this energy I was charged with in the beginning. Probably because I’m doing very well and I’m enjoying life too much haha.
What else am I looking back to… Well surely the great time I have spent with my girls at the Côte d’Azur and the new friendships I have made.
& now it’s your time to think about what you have accomplished. If you’re not there where you want to be, start making your goals and don’t let yourself influence by these dumb posts on social medias like this one –> HERE
Move, start doing and you will feel so much better, believe me.

Now to the actual content and the pictures.
One of my favorite dresses I have got in my closet. Just as simple as I like things to be. I know I tried to convince you to wear sparkly turtlenecks and not some boring little black dress, but mine is blue so it doesn’t count!
Have a wonderful fresh start and all the best for 2016!!
Love, Laura Jane

new years evefunny new years eve
details 222

Clutch, similar
shoes, similar
dress, similar

pictures by Laura Jane (The Hidden Closets)

Streetstyle Christmas Special


Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve with your beloved ones and are looking forward to what next year will bring to us. I have started to think about planning some fashion trips and didn’t get very far.. Paris though, is again on my wishlist. Unfortunately I have to cut down on things this year due to my studies and work experiences. I will give my best though to keep this blog going…
Anyway, I have a little Christmas surprise for you. There are still some unpublished pictures of fashion week I haven’t uploaded yet or that weren’t published by Faces Magazine. I’m actually quite proud of them but as I didn’t know the names of these street style stars (except the models), or editors (and if they are editors I must say that I’m ashamed of not knowing who I am talking about) I decided not to give the pictures to anyone but myself.
I’m literally astonished by these looks and if it was for me, I’d be sitting on the next train to Paris to experience it all again. Let’s hope that I will make it happen. Until then: Enjoy my street style shots !

xx Laura Jane

pfw street
dior streetstyle
streetstyle shot p

taylor hill thdcTaylor Hill after Mugler
Imaan HammamImaan Hammam

all pictures by me (Laura Jane, The Hidden Closets)
Before reusing the pictures contact me HERE.

red lips for the festive season

red lips .jpg

With Christmas around the corner comes my pick of the prettiest red lipsticks. I was thinking about a new years eve look and then remembered that Christmas comes first and that I should actually write something about that before I head to the next feast. Well this one works for both, problem solved, ha!
If there’s one colour I’d have to mention that describes the whole month of December guess what it would be. Right, because at Christmas we celebrate love and warmth. So why not adding a bit of all that to your face.
From fiery red to darker tones there should be something for everyone and every mood. A glamorous look is guaranteed.

The lipsticks here :

Nars Semi Matte VIP red
Chanel Rouge Allure Pirate
Christian Dior Rouge Dior Trafalgar
Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Matte Irrepressible
Gucci Luxurious Lipstick Flame
Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick 140

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over-the-knee boots

overknees 1

It’s clear. The boots of the season are the over-the-knee boots. Preferably suede and paired together with a warm, cuddly, oversized knit. Other than that you won’t need any other statement jewellery or bag because they would take the eye from everything else anyway. Well I wouldn’t mind wearing the Gucci’s Dionysus if I’m honest…

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-07 um 21.58.28.png

Another inspirational shot by Eleonora Carisi…

Shop the boots:



Gianvito Rossi

pictures via: (Leonie picture on the top),,,, Eleonora Carisi’s instagram

shine through


Corny ambience, Christmas decoration and sparkling lights will follow you throughout the whole month of december. You’re getting closer and closer to the time of sequins and sparkles and if you’re not even considering to get into the mood, you will end up with it at least at new years eve. After rethinking and rethinking what to wear this year you might always end up with your little black dress. Well I’m trying to inspire you not to do so this year. At the Dior show in Paris I was surrounded by sparkles from the pre fall collection 15. Everyone attending the show was covered by this glamorous shine and once again I couldn’t get over how incredibly wonderful Raf Simons is. My captures as inspirational source and some more to shop further down.

Dior details.jpg
dior details part 2To shop:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-24 um 14.01.45


Turtleneck Jumper by Malene Birger




Turtleneck jumper by H&M


street style pictures by me
Jumpers pictures via net-a-porter &

Paris Fashion Week Look

99A1605webI showed you several pictures I shot during fashion week in Paris but completely forgot to post my own look on the blog, which I am sorry for. One of the big names in the street style scene showed interest in photographing my look: stockholm street style (also known as carolinesmode). When he first asked me I had no clue it was him because I just knew his photographs and his work but not the face behind it. So when he told me where I could find the pictures I remained speechless.
The day after I went on his blog and there they were. I didn’t want to keep them for myself and decided to add them to my personal fashion diary right here. Hope you like them as much as I do!
pictures via

In addition another shot by Barbara Goralska from

Laura PFW 1
I am wearing:
Vest by Zara
Camel Pants by Max Mara
Blouse by Angela Atelier Zurich
Bag by Valentino
Boots by River Island
Sunglasses by Céline Paris


layering 2

Fall and winter are definitely season that don’t leave much space for colour. I think that it’s actually so much harder to get a nice, casual look together than during spring and summer. The last time I went to the city to add some pieces to my wardrobe I planned on avoiding to be attracted by dark tones. Easier said than done. Half of every store is black and all the rest are earth tones. At least some beige, cuddly sweaters brightened up the shops.
Back home I started to reflect about changing the way of wearing things instead of buying and rebuying. I let inspire myself from other bloggers and fashion magazines and came to the conclusion that turtlenecks are the answer. You can literally put them under E V E R Y T H I N G, follow the example of Leandra Medine who does so in almost every post. She even brought up the idea of wearing a bra over it (article here), which in my opinion went a tiny bit to far. It wouldn’t even look that bad if it wouldn’t cost me that much of negotiation (a problem we’re all daily confronted with). Instead I tried the simple way, layering the pieces.

layering 1

layering 3
details wall

layering 4

I’m wearing:
boots by River Island
jeans by Zara
green jumper by M Milano (similar)
turtleneck by Max Mara Weekend (similar)

pictures by Laura Jane

affordable, puristic winter look

affordable pure

How do these street style stars manage to always look super chique? You might say, well it’s easy to create a mindblowing look if you have the money for the designer pieces. I used to think that too for a long time. But that is not true. Point. Especially fashion bloggers keep mix matching the affordable, with high fashion clothes. It depends on how you choose what to buy and certainly on how to combine the things.
An important thing is that if you have something noticeable on, make sure that it is good quality. Usually the accessories make the outfit and if you choose an extraordinary, trendy shape of bag but the bag is made out of wrinkly fake leather and dreadful seam, you can ruin a whole look.
Here is my idea of a convenient but still fashionable combination.
Shop the look
oversize pullover
creased wide leg trousers
knot band

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in the woods, editorial

Laura Herbst 111One of the perks of living in a village in Switzerland is being surrounded by that golden glow during Autumn. Astonished by this beautiful landscape, Laura and I decided to capture the ambiance by doing a little editorial. Together we styled a cosy, matching look and as a model that girl knew exactly how to do her job. Here’s the result.

Laura is wearing:
turtleneck pullover by H&M (similar)
tights by H&M
pleated skirt by mint & berry (similar)
bag by Furla (here)
Shoes by Max Shoes (similar)

Laura Herbst 2

Lauri Herbsti



model: Laura Stierli
photos by Laura Jane G.

Copymaster Zara

Zara Copy

left Zara – right Chloé

I need to express my frustration towards Zara and their rapid copy skills today. And as this day brought nothing but exhausting and annoying situations I’m in the perfect mood for it.

I mean, fair enough that you can afford clothes that look like straight off the high fashion runways (or at least almost, if you exclude quality) and that they make it accessible to the average citizen but copying a whole collection is bringing this whole thing to a new point!
I strolled through Zara the other day and had the complete Chloé collection in front of me. As a huge admirer of the brand and Clare Waight Keller (creative director), my first reaction was pure joy. It only lasted a few seconds followed by anger and frustration. So this beautiful mind creates together with her team this brilliant and successful collection and there comes Zara destroying everything by taking the looks, putting them into their stores and degrading it by using synthetic fabrics. And how crazy is that: They even use a similar type of model with the same hair!
I admit, taking over some designer trends and reinventing them for the whole society might be a great concept but not to this extent.
If making such a profit with someone else’s ideas, and getting away with it is ok, I don’t know where this whole (fashion) world is going…

Not that I will be boycotting Zara, because obviously half of my wardrobe is Zara and despite everything, they do a great job but my aim with this article was to open some eyes and give the original designers the appreciation they deserve.

zzzaleft Zara     –     right Chloé
ZZAaraleft Zara     –     right Chloé

zariileft Zara     –     right Chloé

Zara VESTEleft Zara     –     right Chloé

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It-Accessories from Paris

Faye DetailsWhat trends ruled the Parisian week? I sneaked around at fashion week and spotted several accessories and details that repeatedly showed up at every show. Here is my edit of goodies for the upcoming season.

Viktoria Rader detailsI’m not exaggerating by saying that it probably was the bag that was worn the most.


Linda Tol DetailsLinda TolSeen on Linda Tol at the Tuileries.


Gala GonzalezJulia Haghjoo jimmyJulia HaghjooSeen on Gala Gonzalez (red) & Julia Haghjoo (camel)


dior bag 2dior bag 1An always-classic piece (in purple).

All pictures by me (Laura Jane, The Hidden Closets).
When reusing pictures: please make sure to give the credit to: or laurajanethc on instagram

Paris Street Style, update

Sylvia Haghjoo & Julia Haghjoo thcSylvia & Julia Haghjoo

As promised, some other pictures I took in Paris during fashion week. I finally found the time to edit and tell you a bit more about my trip. I had three days to make the most of it and get as many shots as possible. So in the end I made it to twelve shows for the street style, each one at a different spot in Paris. One of them was the Emanuel Ungaro show I could even report from inside, but you know about that already (article here).

This time everything was slightly different. I met some street style photographers and got more insider information about locations of the shows and the whole fashion week in general which was truly helpful especially in terms of the little time I had.
They are all super kind and I realized that most of them know each other for years now. I was the new little baby that was too young when the whole street style scene started to grow. At least that was what Tommy Ton’s friend said to me after I told Tommy himself that I’m a huge huge fan of his (literally my words). So whenever friends and people call me a paparazzi, I learned that this is not true at all! My photographer friends told me the exact difference between us and the paparazzis. It’s as simple as that: streetstyle photographers are good and paparazzis are very mean people!
I heard that to capture the celebrities, they push people away and don’t care about others at all as long as they can get their shot. During fashion week rumours were spread that they pushed a lady so hard that she really hurt herself. What kind of human does that!?
How to recognize them : they always wear black, have big zoom lenses and an evil face expression.
Having said that, stay away whenever you see a person matching my description!
Exciting news! FACES magazine will post my pictures again very soon on their page. I will keep you updated about the publication on my facebook page, so make sure to give it a thumbs up.
Otherwise here is the link :

Thanks for browsing through! Other detail shots and more pictures will follow. This will surely not be the last post (after all, I have taken 2500 pictures). If you would like to know anything and wonder how things worked out, just ask by leaving a comment! I will be happy to answer your questions!
love, Laura

Viktoria Rader thc

Viktoria Rader

Samantha Angelo thcSamantha Angelo
pernille teisbaek thcPernille Teisbaek
unknown thcunknown

Shea Marie thcShea Marie

all pictures by The Hidden Closets (Laura Jane),
when reposting: make sure to give the credit to or instagram: laurajanethc

Emanuel Ungaro SS16, Paris

Emanuel Ungaro Header

Yesterday it took me inside of a show at Paris Fashionweek. For once I was not outside shooting the people who attend shows in the most beautiful creations of designers but I had the opportunity to catch the models wearing the new spring/summer collection from Emanuel Ungaro. Creative director Fausto Puglisi introduced two type of girls on the runway and mixed their personalities in the looks. One romantic and shy, a lover of flowers and the other a strong, funky woman arised from the sixties. Puglisi took over shapes from Courrèges and assembled them with his strong, dominant prints which he is well known for.
A beautiful collection and for me, certainly a wonderful first experience at a Paris Fashion Week show.

Emanuel Ungaro Look 1

Emanuel Ungaro Look 2

Emanuel Ungaro Look 8

Emanuel Ungaro Look 9

Ungaro Loo 12

Emanuel Ungaro Look 10

Emanuel Ungaro Look 11

All the pictures shot by Laura Jane G. (The Hidden Closets)

If you consider to use the images, please make sure to contact me HERE first.

Paris Fashionweek, street style by Laura Jane

Helena Bordon thd

Helena Bordon

New camera, new clothes, new shots, everything new but Paris remains the old and beautiful Paris.
It took me again to the fashion metropole straight into this fashion week madness. I’ve been running around the whole day to haunt the newest looks and trends. How do I feel now? Exhausted and everything hurts. I don’t want to know how other street style photographers that have done the three fashion weeks before feel…

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a lot of interesting people and experienced lots of new things that I want to tell you more about. My computer is full of pictures that are waiting to be uploaded but for now I’m going to start with a little preview from my day. I’ve got to get some rest for another exciting day to come.
Stay tuned !
Laura Jane

chiara ferragni thc

Chiara Ferragni

Kristina BazanKristina Bazan

all pictures by me (Laura Jane, The Hidden Closets)

in case of reusing the photos, give the credit to

Elite Model Look 15 – backstage impressions

elite model look 3Sofia De Vita

It was that time of the year when Switzerland had to pick two candidates to send down the international runway for the final of the world elite model look. The choice was hard to make but still, it’s a done deal.
For the first time work took me behind the scenes of a big modeling contest and showed me what’s actually happening backstage. I honestly imagined it to be wilder but Switzerland doesn’t want to fit in this picture I have of backstage madness during a fashion show. Everything was well organized and the models didn’t show a sign of rivalry between each other, a wonderful atmosphere!
The participants were styled and dressed by Scotch & Soda and accompanied during their catwalk by Luca Hänni and his new single.
While all that happened I took some pictures to give you a little impression of a show like this one.
Watch the whole show this Sunday 27.9.2015 / 18.55 on Sat 1 to find out who won the race.

elite model look 10 elite model look 11

Malik Neusch, Malin Hunziker

elite model look 8Kevin Pinter, Ivana Dominkovic, Luca Hochuli, Benjamin Aston

elite model look 2

elite model look 7Tim Wirth

elite model look 1Kevin Pinter, Benjamin Aston

elite model look 5

elite model look 9Luca Hochuli

elite model look 4

Michelle Muff

picture credit: Laura Jane (The Hidden Closets)

Favorite Looks LFW

lfw favoritesVersus Versace , Julien Macdonald , Jonathan Saunders , Issa

Short review and summary of London Fashion Week. This week went way too fast !
Milan is debuting today but first we take a look back.
I’m presenting you my four favorite looks straight from the runways of London.
Rock chic vs. puristic clothing
It’s no surprise to find the rock chic girl in the shows of Versus Versace and Julien Macdonald. As we know the motherlabel Versace and their edgy designs, it’s clear that Anthony Vaccarello had to take over the same spirit.
Now Julien Macdonald: I have to admit that I have a special relationship with his brand. The very first high fashion show I was lucky enough to attend was his. He once re-presented his collection in Zurich and I was sitting there on cloud nine. I’m looking for the point in my life where I fell in love with fashion so badly and I might think that this day could have been the one. Already then the metallics dominated his designs and they keep showing up every season.

But still, it was harder to pick a puristic look from the shows. Could it be that clean lines are defining the fashion of our decade? On the streets, runways and magazines it’s all-round and never been as common as now.
But honestly, defining our contemporary way of dressing is not as easy as looking back. We are taking over so much from the past and reinvent us that it’s not even possible to make a clear statement…

pictures by 

3 ways to style your tie-neck blouse

schleifebluse 2

If you are just as sick of making a bow on your tie-neck blouse as I am, this might help you to get further styling inspiration. I used to wear and love this kind of blouse a couple of years ago but only knew about turning the ties into a ribbon. After a couple of months I’ve had enough of this kind of trend and didn’t know for a long time what to do with that piece in my closet.
Until now: I rediscovered a beautiful garment.
The first way is simple: Knot your ties, but forget about the doubleknot. One way around makes it look more laid-back and easy.

schleifebild collage

The second way and possibly my favorite new way to wear the blouse is to wrap it around my neck like a foulard and knot it on the back.

schleife bluse 2222

And finally the easiest: leave it! Sometimes it’s better to just leave things how they actually are.

Any preferences? Tell me!
blouse by Angela Atelier Zurich

pictures & styling by Laura Jane (The Hidden Closets)

Best of New York FW Street Style

Phil Oh

shot by Phil Oh (

Streetstyle in between shows got at least the same position in the ranking as the shows themselves.
For most of the influential people, except serious entrepreneurs and the press, in the fashion league, it’s probably the biggest deal. Being featured by a street style photographer and make the way to online magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and many more is the goal.
It’s the reason why I’m going to Paris without attending any of the shows during fashion week. The biggest shows will be held outside of the show locations and I want to capture these moments.

New York Fashion Week is officially over and we are heading to London for more fashion stories to tell. But to conclude this wild but glorious week: Here are the highlights of the New York street spectacle.

Phil Oh

shot by Phil Oh (

sandra semb, aloveisblindshot by Sandra Semburg (

tommy ton

shot by Tommy Ton (


shot by Sandra Semburg (

all picture credits under the images

Best Accessories of New York Fashion Week

accessories NYFW

A couple of shows and only few days left until fashion week is moving to London. New York’s creative minds are showing themselves from their best side.
Just like all the editors, bloggers, photographers & co. I’m trying my best to keep you on track. It’s quite hard to follow the shows when you’re not there and especially with the time difference between NY and Europe I’m not immediatly up-to-date. But thank god for Snapchat, vogue runway and the social media that allow us to peek into the shows and everything that happens around.

In this article I collected and put together the best of accessories (so far) from the NYFW SS16 collections. The pieces that stayed in mind while browsing through every single look of every single show (yes that’s what I do in my free time).
The first ones that caught my attention were the high espadrilles, first: it’s genius to turn them into heels, second thing: the large ties make the perfection of a match, by no one else than Joseph Altuzarra.

Second golden accessory is one of a kind. A graceful necklace by Jill Stuart.

The last two, both by Jason Wu. A man that likes simplicity in the choice and combination of colours. Cross high FRINGE (!) sandals and matchy sunnies which I picked because of the purple reflecting glass that just appealed to me.

Last but not least a pair of sunglasses that needs an extra round by itself. They remind me of the dior technology sunglasses in a way but still so different. -By Tome

pictures by: , ,

trend report NYFW, pale pastels

Pale pastels

Tibi, Mara Hoffman, Sally Lapointe, Dion Lee, Jil Stuart -SS16

Pastels come around every summer/spring season on the runways but New York fashion week made me pay attention to faded tones. This kind of  light spring softness makes me feel carefree only by looking at it. So for next spring one of the trend messages the designers send us is clear. Not only strict lines (like Givenchy’s women suit) but also wide cuts will make our wardrobe.

pictures via: ,

NYFW, Givenchy SS 16

Givenchy SS 16

Givenchy SS 16

Only two days of fashion week and I’m overwhelmed! So many extraordinary runway moments that I want to talk about and no idea where to start. Yesterday’s Givenchy show gave me the ideal occasion to start with my thoughts about New York fashion week. An immense show of 88 black, white and nude colours and let’s not even mention the accessories. Pat Mcgrath (makeup artist) astonished everyone with her fine art work regarding the models’ face masks. I don’t even know if it’s possible to top Riccardo Tisci’s (ceative director of Givenchy) performance for the whole fashion month. He set the bar extremely high…

details givenchy

all pictures by :
collage & text by : Laura Jane ( The Hidden Closets )

Blogger check: Camille Charrière

Camille Charrière

I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying that fashion bloggers have just a massive impact in the industry as the magazines themselves on deciding the trends and supporting designers and brands. The whole fashion business has changed a lot during the last couple of years, not that I have been living through it because obviously I was too young at that time, but I mean it’s simply a logic conclusion. Instagram has taken over the guide and made fashion available to everyone. Even if you haven’t been that interested in fashion so far you still find that one person (so called blogger) that represents the style and way to dress that matches you. So have I and one of them is Camille Charrière from the blog . By being one of the most influential fashion bloggers, Camille attends every fashion week and has a certain reputation.
The half French, half British visibly unites her two nationalities in her style, clean lines, neutral colours together with this Parisian sophistication. I would describe it as a suitable for everday, sporty chic kind of style.
A blogger to keep in mind folks!

check Camille out on

Acne leather buckle pants

all pictures from

affordable & trendy look for autumn

1 affordable look

I am going to show you affordable and yet stylish ways to get dressed during autumn.
I only picked clothes from brands that are represented all over the world and are accessible to everyone.
Let’s get started:
Only because summer is gone it doesn’t mean that we are losing interest in this kind of style.
Far from it! The fashion industry still doesn’t get over the boho look and goes on by designing pieces for autumn/winter as well. A way of getting dressed for every occasion: work, freetime school..

Get the look:
Boots (River Island) , Blouse (H&M) , wide denim pants (Zara) , handbag (Zara)

pictures by: , ,

it bags fall edition

itbags fall

Bags and shoes are the most important accessory of a woman. It adds the luxury to every kind of style. Whenever I’m looking at an outfit the first glimpse goes to the lady’s handbag. It can ruin or make an entire look. For fall I’m going to show you only the best!
Here are four of the most loved arm candies in the whole wide world in which you can trust and be sure you’re doing right.

Top, left : Chloé Faye (worn by Chiara Ferragni)

Top, right : Furla Metropolis

Down, left : Proenza Shouler PS 11


Down, right : Fendi peekaboo

Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-02 um 23.20.18

pictures by : , , ,


country side
I don’t know why this colour is always getting my attention straight away. Maybe it was somewhere on the runways and it unconsciously settled down in my mind. I seriously don’t know but what I know is, that I love this dress more than anything. The thing with dresses is that they are super practical and don’t ask for too much thinking while styling your look. The right accessories, like my new favorite gladiator sandals, and that’s it!

As I’ve already mentioned, some exciting things are about to come. Fashion month is almost here and about to start off with New York Fashion Week. Stay updated for trend reports and my thoughts about what is expecting us next spring/summer 2016. I can’t wait for it to start and see the collections that the designers have been working hard on.
My personal highlight will be Paris. Wondering why..? Street style paparazzi Laura will hit the Parisian roads again and show the pictures on the blog and on FACES magazine.
Even more things are coming up but you will see what I’m talking about when the time comes. Hope I didn’t make you too curious.

Love, Laura Jane

countryside 3

countryside 5

country side 2

country side 4

SHOP the look:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-27 um 19.56.24
Pull & Bear dress
Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-27 um 20.06.57
Chloé lace up suede wedge sandal

pictures by: Laura Stierli, ,
styling by: The Hidden Closets (Laura Jane)

autumn must have: long vest

collage long vest

Casual, cool and easy to wear: the long vest is gaining popularity because of its magic to make a basic outfit look incredibly chic. Because of its simplicity there are many ways to attempt it. Victoria Beckham goes into a classy business direction whereas Caroline Issa chose a coloured way by putting it together with a breezy pink dress. And by following her model instinct Kendall Jenner went rather basic. Aren’t you getting excited for autumn to come?

Where to SHOP your VEST

41591596tq_12_n_fAlexander Wang camel vest

Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-27 um 21.25.36

Theory long wool gilet

pictures by: , , , ,


negligee 1

When I was writing about wearing nightwear together with shorts or a shirt to turn it into a quite feminine streetwear look, what I meant was exactly this. I checked my wardrobe and found this gorgeous silk intimissimi negligee and paired it up with some loose black shorts. You could style it as well as a mini skirt if the negligee is long enough (take a look at my article and see how Chloé did it HERE).
Simply throw a matching tshirt over and the look is complete.

negligee 4

negligee 2


pictures by Laura Stierli
styling by Laura Jane ( The Hidden Closets)

Friday Favorites, Chloé


Today I am endind a short tradition the way it started, with Chloé. At the time I would say it is the brand I would buy everything from. From all the kind of accessories to the clothes, I can identify myself with their style and every single piece. I was struggling again to pick an outfit from the show because every look had it’s own characteristic trait and uniqueness. Nonetheless I have found my two favorites and I’m going to show you both of them because I couldn’t leave out one.
This pale pink ensemble shows off a particularly feminine side. The lace short skirt adds a delicate touch, probably also because it would be worn as lingerie piece. Chloé sets this trend and famous fashion bloggers like Rumi Neely follow it with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s no longer a rule to keep your negligees inside the house and your bedroom. By adding one as a top, or like Chloé silk lace shorts or skirts, to your daily look, you will create a fine outfit for the day.


My seconds choice goes along a similar line. The long skirt combined with boots adds a folky touch though. The whole collection seems to be inspired a lot by folkloristic clothing.

Would it be less critized by society I guess that women would be more likely to wear plunging necklines. Of course, as a fashion blogger, I should say that everyone should be able to wear whatever they like. But still there are unspoken rules that the normal citizen has to follow in order to be accepted. Unfortunately it is not that easy and I’m just speaking out the ugly truth.

I hope you liked the last Friday Favorites post and that you are looking forward to other new articles coming up on the blog! Thanks for reading!

xx Laura Jane

pictures via

how to: winter hairstyles

hairstyle banner

We always learn and look up from the best.
Summed up, all the hairstyles you need to follow during the cold times that are waiting for us.


detail-defile-rodarte-automne-hiver-2015-2016-new-york-detail-2 defile-edun-automne-hiver-2015-2016-new-york-look-22

Nothing easier than that. When you get dressed leave the hair just the way it is and forget about your habits.
Turtlenecks are perfect for this kind of look.

Rodarte,  Edun  -FW15


_A2X0078 DSC_0089

By separating the two sections you emphasize your face. A simple look seen also a lot on street style shots. The secret begins with the blow drying and separating when the hair is still wet. Otherwise it’s going to be hard to recreate this kind of hairstyle, especially when you have hair whorls in the wrong places.

Boss, Emilio Pucci   -FW 15


detail-defile-anna-sui-automne-hiver-2015-2016-new-york-detail-2 00180h_1280x1920

Motto: messy hair, don’t care! No need to blow dry your hair, just put a little bit of hair oil on the hair tips and you’ll be totally fine!

Anna Sui, Versace  -FW15


defile-narciso-rodriguez-automne-hiver-2015-2016-new-york-look-7 backstage-defile-donna-karan-automne-hiver-2015-2016-new-york-coulisses-91

A pure and clean look. The wing of the eyebrow can help you as reference for the height of the line. Finish it up with some hair gel to keep it stable and fresh.

Narciso Rodriguez, Donna Karan  -FW15

pictures by , ,