Paris Street Style, update

Sylvia Haghjoo & Julia Haghjoo thcSylvia & Julia Haghjoo

As promised, some other pictures I took in Paris during fashion week. I finally found the time to edit and tell you a bit more about my trip. I had three days to make the most of it and get as many shots as possible. So in the end I made it to twelve shows for the street style, each one at a different spot in Paris. One of them was the Emanuel Ungaro show I could even report from inside, but you know about that already (article here).

This time everything was slightly different. I met some street style photographers and got more insider information about locations of the shows and the whole fashion week in general which was truly helpful especially in terms of the little time I had.
They are all super kind and I realized that most of them know each other for years now. I was the new little baby that was too young when the whole street style scene started to grow. At least that was what Tommy Ton’s friend said to me after I told Tommy himself that I’m a huge huge fan of his (literally my words). So whenever friends and people call me a paparazzi, I learned that this is not true at all! My photographer friends told me the exact difference between us and the paparazzis. It’s as simple as that: streetstyle photographers are good and paparazzis are very mean people!
I heard that to capture the celebrities, they push people away and don’t care about others at all as long as they can get their shot. During fashion week rumours were spread that they pushed a lady so hard that she really hurt herself. What kind of human does that!?
How to recognize them : they always wear black, have big zoom lenses and an evil face expression.
Having said that, stay away whenever you see a person matching my description!
Exciting news! FACES magazine will post my pictures again very soon on their page. I will keep you updated about the publication on my facebook page, so make sure to give it a thumbs up.
Otherwise here is the link :

Thanks for browsing through! Other detail shots and more pictures will follow. This will surely not be the last post (after all, I have taken 2500 pictures). If you would like to know anything and wonder how things worked out, just ask by leaving a comment! I will be happy to answer your questions!
love, Laura

Viktoria Rader thc

Viktoria Rader

Samantha Angelo thcSamantha Angelo
pernille teisbaek thcPernille Teisbaek
unknown thcunknown

Shea Marie thcShea Marie

all pictures by The Hidden Closets (Laura Jane),
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Emanuel Ungaro SS16, Paris

Emanuel Ungaro Header

Yesterday it took me inside of a show at Paris Fashionweek. For once I was not outside shooting the people who attend shows in the most beautiful creations of designers but I had the opportunity to catch the models wearing the new spring/summer collection from Emanuel Ungaro. Creative director Fausto Puglisi introduced two type of girls on the runway and mixed their personalities in the looks. One romantic and shy, a lover of flowers and the other a strong, funky woman arised from the sixties. Puglisi took over shapes from Courrèges and assembled them with his strong, dominant prints which he is well known for.
A beautiful collection and for me, certainly a wonderful first experience at a Paris Fashion Week show.

Emanuel Ungaro Look 1

Emanuel Ungaro Look 2

Emanuel Ungaro Look 8

Emanuel Ungaro Look 9

Ungaro Loo 12

Emanuel Ungaro Look 10

Emanuel Ungaro Look 11

All the pictures shot by Laura Jane G. (The Hidden Closets)

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Paris Fashionweek, street style by Laura Jane

Helena Bordon thd

Helena Bordon

New camera, new clothes, new shots, everything new but Paris remains the old and beautiful Paris.
It took me again to the fashion metropole straight into this fashion week madness. I’ve been running around the whole day to haunt the newest looks and trends. How do I feel now? Exhausted and everything hurts. I don’t want to know how other street style photographers that have done the three fashion weeks before feel…

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a lot of interesting people and experienced lots of new things that I want to tell you more about. My computer is full of pictures that are waiting to be uploaded but for now I’m going to start with a little preview from my day. I’ve got to get some rest for another exciting day to come.
Stay tuned !
Laura Jane

chiara ferragni thc

Chiara Ferragni

Kristina BazanKristina Bazan

all pictures by me (Laura Jane, The Hidden Closets)

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Elite Model Look 15 – backstage impressions

elite model look 3Sofia De Vita

It was that time of the year when Switzerland had to pick two candidates to send down the international runway for the final of the world elite model look. The choice was hard to make but still, it’s a done deal.
For the first time work took me behind the scenes of a big modeling contest and showed me what’s actually happening backstage. I honestly imagined it to be wilder but Switzerland doesn’t want to fit in this picture I have of backstage madness during a fashion show. Everything was well organized and the models didn’t show a sign of rivalry between each other, a wonderful atmosphere!
The participants were styled and dressed by Scotch & Soda and accompanied during their catwalk by Luca Hänni and his new single.
While all that happened I took some pictures to give you a little impression of a show like this one.
Watch the whole show this Sunday 27.9.2015 / 18.55 on Sat 1 to find out who won the race.

elite model look 10 elite model look 11

Malik Neusch, Malin Hunziker

elite model look 8Kevin Pinter, Ivana Dominkovic, Luca Hochuli, Benjamin Aston

elite model look 2

elite model look 7Tim Wirth

elite model look 1Kevin Pinter, Benjamin Aston

elite model look 5

elite model look 9Luca Hochuli

elite model look 4

Michelle Muff

picture credit: Laura Jane (The Hidden Closets)

Favorite Looks LFW

lfw favoritesVersus Versace , Julien Macdonald , Jonathan Saunders , Issa

Short review and summary of London Fashion Week. This week went way too fast !
Milan is debuting today but first we take a look back.
I’m presenting you my four favorite looks straight from the runways of London.
Rock chic vs. puristic clothing
It’s no surprise to find the rock chic girl in the shows of Versus Versace and Julien Macdonald. As we know the motherlabel Versace and their edgy designs, it’s clear that Anthony Vaccarello had to take over the same spirit.
Now Julien Macdonald: I have to admit that I have a special relationship with his brand. The very first high fashion show I was lucky enough to attend was his. He once re-presented his collection in Zurich and I was sitting there on cloud nine. I’m looking for the point in my life where I fell in love with fashion so badly and I might think that this day could have been the one. Already then the metallics dominated his designs and they keep showing up every season.

But still, it was harder to pick a puristic look from the shows. Could it be that clean lines are defining the fashion of our decade? On the streets, runways and magazines it’s all-round and never been as common as now.
But honestly, defining our contemporary way of dressing is not as easy as looking back. We are taking over so much from the past and reinvent us that it’s not even possible to make a clear statement…

pictures by 

3 ways to style your tie-neck blouse

schleifebluse 2

If you are just as sick of making a bow on your tie-neck blouse as I am, this might help you to get further styling inspiration. I used to wear and love this kind of blouse a couple of years ago but only knew about turning the ties into a ribbon. After a couple of months I’ve had enough of this kind of trend and didn’t know for a long time what to do with that piece in my closet.
Until now: I rediscovered a beautiful garment.
The first way is simple: Knot your ties, but forget about the doubleknot. One way around makes it look more laid-back and easy.

schleifebild collage

The second way and possibly my favorite new way to wear the blouse is to wrap it around my neck like a foulard and knot it on the back.

schleife bluse 2222

And finally the easiest: leave it! Sometimes it’s better to just leave things how they actually are.

Any preferences? Tell me!
blouse by Angela Atelier Zurich

pictures & styling by Laura Jane (The Hidden Closets)

Best of New York FW Street Style

Phil Oh

shot by Phil Oh (

Streetstyle in between shows got at least the same position in the ranking as the shows themselves.
For most of the influential people, except serious entrepreneurs and the press, in the fashion league, it’s probably the biggest deal. Being featured by a street style photographer and make the way to online magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and many more is the goal.
It’s the reason why I’m going to Paris without attending any of the shows during fashion week. The biggest shows will be held outside of the show locations and I want to capture these moments.

New York Fashion Week is officially over and we are heading to London for more fashion stories to tell. But to conclude this wild but glorious week: Here are the highlights of the New York street spectacle.

Phil Oh

shot by Phil Oh (

sandra semb, aloveisblindshot by Sandra Semburg (

tommy ton

shot by Tommy Ton (


shot by Sandra Semburg (

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Best Accessories of New York Fashion Week

accessories NYFW

A couple of shows and only few days left until fashion week is moving to London. New York’s creative minds are showing themselves from their best side.
Just like all the editors, bloggers, photographers & co. I’m trying my best to keep you on track. It’s quite hard to follow the shows when you’re not there and especially with the time difference between NY and Europe I’m not immediatly up-to-date. But thank god for Snapchat, vogue runway and the social media that allow us to peek into the shows and everything that happens around.

In this article I collected and put together the best of accessories (so far) from the NYFW SS16 collections. The pieces that stayed in mind while browsing through every single look of every single show (yes that’s what I do in my free time).
The first ones that caught my attention were the high espadrilles, first: it’s genius to turn them into heels, second thing: the large ties make the perfection of a match, by no one else than Joseph Altuzarra.

Second golden accessory is one of a kind. A graceful necklace by Jill Stuart.

The last two, both by Jason Wu. A man that likes simplicity in the choice and combination of colours. Cross high FRINGE (!) sandals and matchy sunnies which I picked because of the purple reflecting glass that just appealed to me.

Last but not least a pair of sunglasses that needs an extra round by itself. They remind me of the dior technology sunglasses in a way but still so different. -By Tome

pictures by: , ,

trend report NYFW, pale pastels

Pale pastels

Tibi, Mara Hoffman, Sally Lapointe, Dion Lee, Jil Stuart -SS16

Pastels come around every summer/spring season on the runways but New York fashion week made me pay attention to faded tones. This kind of  light spring softness makes me feel carefree only by looking at it. So for next spring one of the trend messages the designers send us is clear. Not only strict lines (like Givenchy’s women suit) but also wide cuts will make our wardrobe.

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