Models off duty

Sanne Vloet thd

There are plenty of reasons why the models get haunted from photographers after the shows. First of all because of their looks. As we can see Muglers look was rather natural. A very fine double eyeliner line defines the eyes.
Another big reason is the outfits the models get spotted with.

I’m totally in love with Sanne Vloet’s black Saint Laurent bag. She wears it with a leather jacket which makes the look very rock chic. Have a look at the head picture !

Saskia Debrauw thd

Sask debrauw thd

Saskia De Brauw wears a floor-length-coat combined with some autumn colours.

taylor hill thd

taylorhill thd

Also spotted in a black leather jacket was Taylor Hill. I was so lucky that I got to see this beautiful girl and that I got some pictures of her. She looks absolutely stunning..

Jessica Stam thd

Jessica Stam combining different plaid patterns.

Kati Nescher thd

Kati Nescher all black

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