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girls in black

Paris already seems to be like a while ago but I’ve still got some pictures I’d like to share with the world. I’m always finding new images that I could put up online.
In a way I learned so much on that trip. I got to talk to one of my favorite streetstyle photographers (, I met my inspiration source and idol, Kristina Bazan, and I could be part of a huge artistic tradition held over years and years. To feel this atmosphere and be surrounded by people who share my passion was simply amazing. Where else should I’ve started than in the city where everything began …

Helena Bordon 2 thd

Helena Bordon in lace boots

Kristina Bazan thd

Kristina Bazan from

Leandra Medine thd

Leandra Medine from

Caroline Issa from becauselondon thd

Caroline Issa from Tank Magazine

Christine Centenera thd

Christine Centenera from Harpers Bazaar Australia

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