A day in Rome

Some fresh colours for my day in Rome… I immediately had to get out my light clothes as I felt the warm sun in the streets of Italy’s capital city. I’m wearing Max Mara pants, high sandals from Primadonna, a peachy silkblouse my mum made ( Couture Atelier Angela) & my Larsson & Jennings black läder watch.

Roma Outfit

Laura Rome Outfit 2

Now, a little bit of culture never hurt nobody. If you are in Rome and you’re tired of the usual sights there’s one building that is definetly worth to pay a visit. I’m talking about the Square Colosseum (Palazzo della Civiltà) in the ‘Eur’ area. That’s the place where the pictures were taken. It is the base of the fashion giant Fendi and was initiated by Mussolini and designed by Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto Bruno La Padula and Mario Romano. It represents the fascism architecture and really is a piece of art.

Square Colosseum

Shop :

Shoes, http://www.primadonnacollection.com/collection/cat/70.htm

Watch, http://www.larssonandjennings.com/shop/lader/lader-black

similar pants from tibi,

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