sweet potatoes & brussel sprouts by Laura Stierli

Today my friend Laura (yes we do have the same name) is taking over the hidden closets. By having a very healthy lifestyle, she has already done lots of tasty meals which are way too good for your body. In this article she is going to show you one of her latest creations..

Craving for a flavourful satisfying and healthy dinner? Then you’re right! This is one of my easy going dinners which’s really warming and filling and so easy to make. Really, the most difficult part is to cut the sweet potatoes into slices. After that put them in a bowl, drissle it with whatever you like and mix it. I used a little bit of olive oil, onion, garlic powder and of course salt and pepper. After that bake it in the oven for like 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees. Serve them with a sauce of your choice. As I like it spicy I took a hot chili sauce. Mashed avocado would also make a great side. I also baked some frozen brussels sprouts, because I think they match really well. It works pretty well with every other vegetable. This is it, try it out and enjoy ! (text by Laura Stierli)

follow Laura on instagram : @lauriibaer

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