finesse doré


Cours Saleya is THE place. The little flower and jewellery market in the old town of Nice worth visiting. I must say I have a weakness for the colour light blue and every shade that goes in that direction.
That’s why if it isn’t golden it contains light blue in almost every piece I got.
Unfortunately they don’t sell the jewellery online so there’s no other way for you to get them than going to Nice, which is actually not even a bad thing to do..
The only one that’s possible to order online is the all golden bracelet (zag bijoux’s bracelet jon tube) in the last picture. It is from a boutique in the main shopping street. (SHOP HERE)
As they are that simple and delicate they could go with just everything. No better way to colour  your summer.

jewel details

bracalet 2

bracelets nice

pictures by The Hidden Closets

4 thoughts on “finesse doré

  1. Plaats het product in uw winkelmandom het te bestellen. De Finesse- Voile sok van Dore Dore heeft de perfecte elasticitet en zeer lichte en fijne structuur, waardoor deze perfect is voor elke zakelijke en casual gelegenheid.


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