Friday Favorites, Chloé


Today I am endind a short tradition the way it started, with Chloé. At the time I would say it is the brand I would buy everything from. From all the kind of accessories to the clothes, I can identify myself with their style and every single piece. I was struggling again to pick an outfit from the show because every look had it’s own characteristic trait and uniqueness. Nonetheless I have found my two favorites and I’m going to show you both of them because I couldn’t leave out one.
This pale pink ensemble shows off a particularly feminine side. The lace short skirt adds a delicate touch, probably also because it would be worn as lingerie piece. Chloé sets this trend and famous fashion bloggers like Rumi Neely follow it with a lot of enthusiasm. It’s no longer a rule to keep your negligees inside the house and your bedroom. By adding one as a top, or like Chloé silk lace shorts or skirts, to your daily look, you will create a fine outfit for the day.


My seconds choice goes along a similar line. The long skirt combined with boots adds a folky touch though. The whole collection seems to be inspired a lot by folkloristic clothing.

Would it be less critized by society I guess that women would be more likely to wear plunging necklines. Of course, as a fashion blogger, I should say that everyone should be able to wear whatever they like. But still there are unspoken rules that the normal citizen has to follow in order to be accepted. Unfortunately it is not that easy and I’m just speaking out the ugly truth.

I hope you liked the last Friday Favorites post and that you are looking forward to other new articles coming up on the blog! Thanks for reading!

xx Laura Jane

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