Blogger check: Camille Charrière

Camille Charrière

I hope I’m not offending anyone by saying that fashion bloggers have just a massive impact in the industry as the magazines themselves on deciding the trends and supporting designers and brands. The whole fashion business has changed a lot during the last couple of years, not that I have been living through it because obviously I was too young at that time, but I mean it’s simply a logic conclusion. Instagram has taken over the guide and made fashion available to everyone. Even if you haven’t been that interested in fashion so far you still find that one person (so called blogger) that represents the style and way to dress that matches you. So have I and one of them is Camille Charrière from the blog . By being one of the most influential fashion bloggers, Camille attends every fashion week and has a certain reputation.
The half French, half British visibly unites her two nationalities in her style, clean lines, neutral colours together with this Parisian sophistication. I would describe it as a suitable for everday, sporty chic kind of style.
A blogger to keep in mind folks!

check Camille out on

Acne leather buckle pants

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