3 ways to style your tie-neck blouse

schleifebluse 2

If you are just as sick of making a bow on your tie-neck blouse as I am, this might help you to get further styling inspiration. I used to wear and love this kind of blouse a couple of years ago but only knew about turning the ties into a ribbon. After a couple of months I’ve had enough of this kind of trend and didn’t know for a long time what to do with that piece in my closet.
Until now: I rediscovered a beautiful garment.
The first way is simple: Knot your ties, but forget about the doubleknot. One way around makes it look more laid-back and easy.

schleifebild collage

The second way and possibly my favorite new way to wear the blouse is to wrap it around my neck like a foulard and knot it on the back.

schleife bluse 2222

And finally the easiest: leave it! Sometimes it’s better to just leave things how they actually are.

Any preferences? Tell me!
blouse by Angela Atelier Zurich

pictures & styling by Laura Jane (The Hidden Closets)

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