Elite Model Look 15 – backstage impressions

elite model look 3Sofia De Vita

It was that time of the year when Switzerland had to pick two candidates to send down the international runway for the final of the world elite model look. The choice was hard to make but still, it’s a done deal.
For the first time work took me behind the scenes of a big modeling contest and showed me what’s actually happening backstage. I honestly imagined it to be wilder but Switzerland doesn’t want to fit in this picture I have of backstage madness during a fashion show. Everything was well organized and the models didn’t show a sign of rivalry between each other, a wonderful atmosphere!
The participants were styled and dressed by Scotch & Soda and accompanied during their catwalk by Luca Hänni and his new single.
While all that happened I took some pictures to give you a little impression of a show like this one.
Watch the whole show this Sunday 27.9.2015 / 18.55 on Sat 1 to find out who won the race.

elite model look 10 elite model look 11

Malik Neusch, Malin Hunziker

elite model look 8Kevin Pinter, Ivana Dominkovic, Luca Hochuli, Benjamin Aston

elite model look 2

elite model look 7Tim Wirth

elite model look 1Kevin Pinter, Benjamin Aston

elite model look 5

elite model look 9Luca Hochuli

elite model look 4

Michelle Muff

picture credit: Laura Jane (The Hidden Closets)

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