Paris Street Style, update

Sylvia Haghjoo & Julia Haghjoo thcSylvia & Julia Haghjoo

As promised, some other pictures I took in Paris during fashion week. I finally found the time to edit and tell you a bit more about my trip. I had three days to make the most of it and get as many shots as possible. So in the end I made it to twelve shows for the street style, each one at a different spot in Paris. One of them was the Emanuel Ungaro show I could even report from inside, but you know about that already (article here).

This time everything was slightly different. I met some street style photographers and got more insider information about locations of the shows and the whole fashion week in general which was truly helpful especially in terms of the little time I had.
They are all super kind and I realized that most of them know each other for years now. I was the new little baby that was too young when the whole street style scene started to grow. At least that was what Tommy Ton’s friend said to me after I told Tommy himself that I’m a huge huge fan of his (literally my words). So whenever friends and people call me a paparazzi, I learned that this is not true at all! My photographer friends told me the exact difference between us and the paparazzis. It’s as simple as that: streetstyle photographers are good and paparazzis are very mean people!
I heard that to capture the celebrities, they push people away and don’t care about others at all as long as they can get their shot. During fashion week rumours were spread that they pushed a lady so hard that she really hurt herself. What kind of human does that!?
How to recognize them : they always wear black, have big zoom lenses and an evil face expression.
Having said that, stay away whenever you see a person matching my description!
Exciting news! FACES magazine will post my pictures again very soon on their page. I will keep you updated about the publication on my facebook page, so make sure to give it a thumbs up.
Otherwise here is the link :

Thanks for browsing through! Other detail shots and more pictures will follow. This will surely not be the last post (after all, I have taken 2500 pictures). If you would like to know anything and wonder how things worked out, just ask by leaving a comment! I will be happy to answer your questions!
love, Laura

Viktoria Rader thc

Viktoria Rader

Samantha Angelo thcSamantha Angelo
pernille teisbaek thcPernille Teisbaek
unknown thcunknown

Shea Marie thcShea Marie

all pictures by The Hidden Closets (Laura Jane),
when reposting: make sure to give the credit to or instagram: laurajanethc

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