Copymaster Zara

Zara Copy

left Zara – right Chloé

I need to express my frustration towards Zara and their rapid copy skills today. And as this day brought nothing but exhausting and annoying situations I’m in the perfect mood for it.

I mean, fair enough that you can afford clothes that look like straight off the high fashion runways (or at least almost, if you exclude quality) and that they make it accessible to the average citizen but copying a whole collection is bringing this whole thing to a new point!
I strolled through Zara the other day and had the complete Chloé collection in front of me. As a huge admirer of the brand and Clare Waight Keller (creative director), my first reaction was pure joy. It only lasted a few seconds followed by anger and frustration. So this beautiful mind creates together with her team this brilliant and successful collection and there comes Zara destroying everything by taking the looks, putting them into their stores and degrading it by using synthetic fabrics. And how crazy is that: They even use a similar type of model with the same hair!
I admit, taking over some designer trends and reinventing them for the whole society might be a great concept but not to this extent.
If making such a profit with someone else’s ideas, and getting away with it is ok, I don’t know where this whole (fashion) world is going…

Not that I will be boycotting Zara, because obviously half of my wardrobe is Zara and despite everything, they do a great job but my aim with this article was to open some eyes and give the original designers the appreciation they deserve.

left Zara     –     right Chloé
ZZAaraleft Zara     –     right Chloé

zariileft Zara     –     right Chloé

Zara VESTEleft Zara     –     right Chloé

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