layering 2

Fall and winter are definitely seasons that don’t leave much space for colour. I think that it’s actually so much harder to get a nice, casual look together than during spring and summer. The last time I went to the city to add some pieces to my closet I planned on avoiding to be attracted by dark tones. Easier said than done. Half of every store is black and all the rest are earth tones. At least some beige, cuddly sweaters brightened up the shops.
Back home I started to reflect about changing the way of wearing things instead of buying and rebuying. I let inspire myself from other bloggers and fashion magazines and came to the conclusion that turtlenecks are the answer. You can literally put them under E V E R Y T H I N G, follow the example of Leandra Medine who does so in almost every post. She even brought up the idea of wearing a bra over it (article here), which in my opinion went a tiny bit to far. It wouldn’t even look that bad if it wouldn’t cost me that much of negotiation (a problem we’re all daily confronted with). Instead I tried the simple way, layering the pieces.

layering 1

layering 3
details wall

layering 4

I’m wearing:
boots by River Island
jeans by Zara
green jumper by M Milano (similar)
turtleneck by Max Mara Weekend (similar)

pictures by Laura Jane

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