Streetstyle Christmas Special


Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Eve with your beloved ones and are looking forward to what next year will bring to us. I have started to think about planning some fashion trips and didn’t get very far.. Paris though, is again on my wishlist. Unfortunately I have to cut down on things this year due to my studies and work experiences. I will give my best though to keep this blog going…
Anyway, I have a little Christmas surprise for you. There are still some unpublished pictures of fashion week I haven’t uploaded yet or that weren’t published by Faces Magazine. I’m actually quite proud of them but as I didn’t know the names of these street style stars (except the models), or editors (and if they are editors I must say that I’m ashamed of not knowing who I am talking about) I decided not to give the pictures to anyone but myself.
I’m literally astonished by these looks and if it was for me, I’d be sitting on the next train to Paris to experience it all again. Let’s hope that I will make it happen. Until then: Enjoy my street style shots !

xx Laura Jane

pfw street
dior streetstyle
streetstyle shot p

taylor hill thdcTaylor Hill after Mugler
Imaan HammamImaan Hammam

all pictures by me (Laura Jane, The Hidden Closets)
Before reusing the pictures contact me HERE.

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