The Classics

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I believe that every woman dreams of a certain kind of closet in her home. Now I don’t mean this dream closets you can see in movies or inspiration images on tumblr but more the ones that are able to tell stories. The stories you have collected throughout the years.
If I’m overgeneralizing by saying all women do at least let me tell you that I do so. I’m dreaming of a wardrobe with classic pieces in it and some more to style the looks. So I asked myself which pieces are “the classics”? I’ve always known that once in the near future I’m going to be in possession of a Burberry trench coat. A timeless clothing piece that will be an investment for a lifetime. So I was looking for items that would fulfil this purpose.

Just like Levi’s jeans (that in my opinion are classics as well but not as much luxury classics as the ones up here) were invented for a reason, namely for miners that needed a robust material for work, Burberry’s trenchcoat found its function during the first world war. Mr. Burberry invented the trenchcoat for the soldiers to protect them from cold and rainy weather in the trenches. Having an AHA moment? TRENCH coat, hm?
So this piece made all the way into fashion and still remained a practical and luxurious goody.

Whilst some had a function others simply inspired by their characteristic beauty. I’m especially referring to the Chanel bag and Chanel pearl necklace. As Gabrielle Chanel has left quite a few signatures like the camellias, pearls, the double c and so on. The classic black flap bag and the pearl necklace are some of these timeless pieces I am talking about.

I tried to think about all kinds of clothing pieces and when I was thinking about shoes, for me the classics would be Tod’s. I’m sure there are no other shoes that were copied more than Tod’s moccasins. One pair will find the way to my wardrobe one day as well.

Speaking about leather, the belt has to be Hermés and nothing else. There is absolutely no point to discuss it. I’m not wearing belts because in my opinion there is no belt that would give me this satisfaction a Hermés belt would.

Now regarding Ray Ban’s aviator sunglasses, I would say that if you are looking for sunglasses to wear at any opportunity and not a nice pair that is in fashion only that season, this is the perfect choice. Any pair of aviators, not only the one I picked for the picture. I’d say the classiest of the classics is the golden pair with dark glasses but I picked this one because it appealed to me the most.

Last but not least, a Rolex watch. Now the value of this jewellery piece is totally different to any other item I listed. This watch is something you will keep forever and then pass on to your children.

I’m sure there are some more classics that I forgot to mention, but these will be in my mind until I have the honour to be in possession of them.

collage & text by me.
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