City Stroll

seefeld 4

The thing is that lately I’ve been obsessed with two bloggers, the two I adore: Camille Charrière (whose looks I love so much that I dedicated a whole post to her HERE ) & Pernille Teisbaek. So it happened a few times whilst going shopping that when I wasn’t sure about a piece, I would ask myself if Pernille would wear it or if it would match Camille’s wardrobe. Pretty stupid if you asked me. I mean even if it’s great to find your fashion icons and try to recreate their looks you still have to find your personal style. But these two make it really hard not to copy paste.
So what I’m trying to say is that the things I am wearing are firmly inspired by these two.
Let me clarify: The Zara fake leather top I bought is the best example. I thought, wow this is so much Camille’s style and exactly what I would love and a few days later I found a picture of her wearing something elusively similar (without having seen the image before!)
In my opinion that’s what makes an artist in general. Creating a whole new perspective and approach, that nobody else would have thought of and then introducing it to the world.
Regarding fashion, people then start to notice and aren’t afraid of trying it themselves anymore.
What it takes in the first place is courage, and that will be my resolution not only for the year but if possible for the rest of my life.

seefeld 2details shirtseefeldlevis look seefeldjump
Im wearing:
Levi’s Jeans
River Island Boots, similar
Faux Leather Top, similar
Zara Turtleneck

Photos by Mara Loretz

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