wide sleeves obsession

wide sleeves
Have you noticed that small deviations from the average, basic clothing piece have the power to open up a whole new perspective?
At the moment it is the wide sleeve that makes a statement through the whole world of fashion. Ellery (THE Australian brand at the moment!) for example is celebrating the triumph by having created one of the best executions which are about to be worn on superimportant and prestigious blogger accounts.
The first time I was hit by the love for these sleeves happened to be while browsing through the Derek Lam spring 2016 collection. I immediately passed on the order to my mum, who is a tailor, to recreate the blouse of my dreams. (the blouse from THIS look)
It is still one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, which meant I had to go chace other bell-shaped cuties. I’m wearing the lower budget version by Zara, which in my opinion achieves a similar effect as one from the high fashion runways.

Zara blouse
Levi’s jeans
Massimo Dutti mules (sweet option)
Céline sunglasses
& other stories earrings

schuehdetail ed

sleeve details

wide sleeves back

all pictures by
The Hidden Closets, shot by Dario G.

6 thoughts on “wide sleeves obsession

  1. Hi Laura, Love this look and your photos! Very beautiful and chique! Love the blouse you are wearing! One little tip: I’m not sure if it was my internetconnection or your photos. Are you uploading your photos full size? Then maybe try making them smaller in photoshop because this will increase how fast your pictures load. But it could have easily been my internet! Don’t want to question your blog because I loveeee the layout and the photos! xxxx Suzan from Suzanalberts.com


    1. Hi Suzan
      First of all thanks for your feedback and your thoughts about my blog. Yes indeed, I upload them in full quality as I want my readers to see all the details in the pictures You’re probably right though, it could take a while…
      Unfortunately I don’t have photoshop but I have to find out how to make them smaller anyway.
      Thank you so much, it’s very sweet of you!!!
      xx Laura


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