the importance of street style

Pernille Céline

Pernille Teisbaek

The question that recently came to my mind in terms of street style photography is, how do these pictures help the industry? The shots are clearly great if you are seeking for inspiration. My blog for example has this purpose, you can get ideas from platforms like mine in order to steer your wardrobe into a certain kind of direction you would like to own.
But how does it help brands to sell their collections?
Obviously the clothes are the ones from the current season, the ones that were presented half a year or one year ago. So does it commercially make sense to take these pictures as a kind of “last minute advertising”? I’m saying Last minute because the clothes are almost out of the stores to make space for the spring collections. So if the clothes are almost out of season, how are these images supposed to sell fashion?
My conclusion is that not the clothes – I’m not including the accessories because some of them last more than one season – are being merchandised but the brand itself. People start to notice a certain kind of piece or style through street style personalities and get to know the brand. With social media that accompanies us every day, an outfit goes viral and suddenly we have the breakthrough of a certain bag, a pair of jeans (obviously talking about vetements) or a pair of sunglasses and everyone follows the brand’s newest creations.
The fact is, street style has become one of the most important sectors in fashion and I wouldn’t wonder if designers started to adjust their designs, to make them suitable for fashion week looks – even though they would never admit that.
Having told you my ever so serious thoughts about my passion, I couldn’t have done a post like this one without adding some of my shots.

Leaf Greener

Leaf Greener

Jessie Bush

Jessie Bush

unknown blonde


ruby aldridge
Ruby Aldridge

Noomi Rapace
actress Noomi Rapace

Ada Kokosar

Ada Kokosar

Nicole Warne
Nicole Warne

Alix Angjeli

Alix Angjeli

all pictures shot by me, if you’re considering using my pictures please contact me HERE

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