bluetop jeans

As you might know from my instagram, (@laurajanethc ) I spent few weeks in Oxford for educational reasons. I was astonished by the beauty and architecture of the different colleges and buildings. A city with lots of history and obviously, smart people. Nonetheless I can’t be in a foreign city without shopping in stores which are not available in Zurich.
My look happens to be a whole topshop look, except the white skinny trousers (I swear it’s not a sponsored article but I just couldn’t help myself in the store) from the shoes to this supercute tassel top, which I adore, they perfectly dressed me up for summer.
Already last season my love towards tassels could be seen in accessories like necklaces and bracelets and I still can’t get enough of them (article HERE). By being a common street style trend they keep reappearing this summer as well.
I put on two options: one with boyfriend jeans and one with white skinny pants.
The jeans option demonstrates a more laid back look whereas combined with white pants the look achieves a certain delicateness.

lightbluetop backbluetop

bluetop details
topshop shoes

Shop the look (click on the name for the direct link) :

– pointed topshop flats
– light blue tassel top
– golden fine necklace (also available at topshop)
– mid rise jeans
– white skinny trousers

photos all taken by me

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