Summer desires collage 1

You know how it is with the things you are dreaming of to possess, with time new things will be added to the list and as I am constantly looking for new things to inspire me in the fashion sector I had to update my blog on these kind of pieces. 
There are two, three designers that hit on me real hard for the last couple of months/seasons. One of them is Jonathan Anderson from Loewe (and his own label J.W. Anderson). Initially this deep love started with the puzzle bag, the bag I am saving money for, which is featured in my collage up here as well. As I already put down in words in my most recent street style article; I start recognising brands by a certain piece from a collection, which catches my eye and further on I have a closer approach and probably an indulgence to whatever this brand creates. It happened to me with Loewe as well as with Rosie Assoulin. Let me introduce you to the pieces and which brands they are from in order to enlighten you. This beautiful jumpsuit with its cut outs is by the young American designer Rosie Assoulin. Directly from Loewe’s ateliers come the puzzle handbag and the sunglasses which both hit the street style folk in several occasions.
The jewellery pieces come from London from a brand so called Alighieri jewellery.
And last but not least a pair of slippers which is veryvery high on my wish list. From nowhere else than Gucci. Even if Gucci’s extravagant collections aren’t my style at all, Alessandro Michele fascinated me, just as he did with the whole fashion world. As these slippers are just about to be the minimal version of his designs I am in love with them.

You can shop the pieces here (click on the name):
-Rosie Assoulin jumpsuit
-Loewe puzzle bag

-Gucci slippers
-Loewe sunglasses
-Alighieri necklace
-Alighieri earrings

picture credits: centre picture via interview mag. shot by Mikael Jansson ,
objects via,,,

collage by me

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