street style reloaded

Margaret ZhangMargaret Zhang

Just as fall and winter clothes came in stores recently it’s slowly symbolizing that summer is coming to an end. So: for another shopping inspiration source to go, I uploaded some of my left overs from the last fashion month right here.
I will never understand why we are in such a hurry. Even though I like the thought of cuddling myself into cosy knits and drinking a hot chocolate, I try to avoid stores in order not to make me feel frustrated by the imagination of needing thick jumpers so I don’t have to freeze, especially when it’s thirty degrees outside.

other trips to Paris and this time, and for the first time, London are planned and I am as excited as always. I must say that after these several times that I ran around to shoot street styles, I still get excited just by thinking of going to be in this fashion crowd again. So few weeks to go and I will get you the newest trends and looks up here. Can’t wait !

Gilda AmbrosioGilda Ambrosio
Linda TolLinda Tol

chloé detailsunknown

Chriselle Lim.jpgChriselle Lim

Sofia TesmenitskayaSofia Tesmenitskaya

beige outfitunknown
Alina GelzinaAlina Gelzina

Soraya BakhtiarSoraya Bakhtiar

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