Paris Fashion Week Street Style SS17

christine-centenera-thcChristine Centenera

On my way to Paris I had an uncomfortable feeling. For the first time the thought of being surrounded by the same photographers, the same fashion journalists and the same bloggers in order to shoot street style wasn’t as exciting as it used to be. Just recently a couple of digital editors from Vogue released an article about the circus that has developped in front of shows. They complained about the crowds and the unauthenticity of fashion bloggers who borrow clothes from brands or even get paid to wear them for their shows (Vogue Article HERE). Consequently fashion bloggers responded with accusations of editors doing the same by including certain designers in their photoshoots without mentioning that they payed to be featured.
But that was not all. The rather known to be reserved street style photographer Tommy Ton expressed his opinion about the unsubtle behaviour of certain street wear photographers towards women, who take notes for Asian fashion magazines, on his instagram account (text HERE).
I imagined the atmosphere to be tense and wasn’t sure about what to expect from Paris fashion week.
So I already did two days of shooting and can tell you what it’s like:
My fear has been confirmed. The usually smiley editors, stylists and bloggers seem to be depressed and the mood within the street style photographer is horrendous. I was pushed down by an older woman (who is shooting street style as well) while shooting Candela Novembre. I’m well aware that I should have gone down as I was in the front, but still, first of all I was there before her, second I’m not shooting with a zoom which doens’t make me very flexible with my spot and third :instead of using hands to communicate one would think that we learn at a young age to use our mouth. I’m always trying to act respectful towards other photographers by not getting in their way or trying to get their spot, but as it happened that the mass of photographers multiplied rapidly it happens quite quickly that you’re standing in front of each other without noticing and people should simply accept this fact (and maybe talk instead of pushing each other).
Experiences that make me question the whole reason why I am doing this, which is absolutely absurd because I love what I am doing.
Despite the recent occurences I would still love to share my captures with you and appreciate the creativity and art behind fashion. Here are my best shots from Paris.

pernile-baby-thcPernille Teisbaek

candela-novembre-thcCandela Novembre

diletta-thcDiletta Bonaiuti
Caroline Daur
camille-charriere-thcCamille Charrière

picture credits belong to Laura Jane G. /

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