shirts as skirts


The time is over when one clothing piece had its one way to be worn. Shirts are no longer simply shirts but found their way to the lower part of the body. You actually don’t even need to buy a matching belt, just wrap around the sleeves and voilà, done!

On the left: Tash Sefton from you can shop the skirt here .
On the right: ‘s founder Leandra Medine.

pictures by Leandra Medine Instagram &



There is barely a blogger left without being in possession of THE itbag. We are talking about the chloé drew bag. It’s not the first season that this little magical creation was spotted on a few familiar faces. Here two examples on Kristina Bazan from Kayture and Leandra Medine. The ability of colours is insane…


Chloé_drew_bag polaris journal


pictures by: chloé.com, and